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Honey bees

Shelley once heard a beautiful tale about honey bees...

A farmer watched from his window as a powerful storm rolled in, strong winds blowing the rain nearly sideways. He watched his beehives, hoping he had built the hives strong enough to resist the winds. One hive in particular was concerning him: a new hive, still with a styrofoam lid. He hadn't gotten around to fixing it properly. Sure enough, within minutes the lid flew off, exposing the thousands of bees to the wind and rain. There was nothing to do except inspect the damage once the storm abated.

After things died down, he walked outside toward the hive. From a distance, he could see hundreds of bees floating at the top of the water-logged hive. He berated himself for not having secured things better. But as he got closer, he started to question his eyes. It seemed not that the bees were floating atop the hive. Instead, they were purposefully wedged atop the hive, so close together he could hardly have gotten a pin between them. They were all alive and the hive was spared. The bees had worked together to save their hive!

This is a story of bees that rings true to their nature: they are a cooperative and social insect. Bees have a great deal to teach us about how to treat each other: they work for honey they will never eat, communicate where the good flowers are (rather than hoarding information so they can bring in all the good pollen), share everything they have and work for the good of all. How could these fabulous beings not be a part of Belle Vie Farm?!​

Our honeybees arrive March 28, 2019! We are super excited!

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