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Children in Forest

Wildflower is a place aimed at supporting families as they navigate the challenges and joys of parenting. Our school's goal is to create a joyful educational community for all: teachers, children and caregivers.


Wildflower is the space in which your child connects with her independent spirit, embraces innovative ways of learning and creates a lifelong trust in her own sense of self. Our school is the place of innovation, the place where your child can explore his own interests with ever-changing materials and a backdrop of forest and farm.

Wildflower is the foundation of your child's passionate love of learning. 

Specifically, WLC is built on the following values:

  • Service - WLC views both families and employees as deserving of respect, attention and support. The primary purpose of school leadership is to serve families and employees. In short, WLC practices servant leadership toward a vision of creating a community of joyfully satisfied staff, students and families.

  • Integrity - WLC commits to act in alignment with our values, contribute without concern for credit and be truthful regardless of the consequences. Leadership and staff commit to work collaboratively to solve problems, achieve goals and expand WLC's vision.

  • Trust - WLC acts in ways that build trust with its community. We recognize that trust is a complex equation and that being trustworthy is a part of that equation, but not the whole of it. WLC seeks not only to be trustworthy, but also to be trusting. As Stephen Covey writes, "we should extend trust to those who have earned it. Be willing to extend trust to those who are still earning it. Be wise in extending trust to those who have not exemplified a character worth trusting."

  • Courage - WLC is proactive and forward-thinking: we begin with the end in mind. We collaborate to develop big ideas about the future for families, children, the field of education, teachers and our community. We are courageous in seeking to manifest our vision and couple that courage with the wisdom of experience and self-honesty.

  • Innovation - WLC encourages and actively contributes to employee innovation that makes a difference in the world. To this end, our school continually seeks to diversify its staff, students and families.

  • Expertise - WLC leadership and employees continually challenge themselves to further develop their expertise in the field of education, especially in each individual employee's specific area of interest. The school commits a significant portion of its budget to continuing education.

  • Awareness - WLC focuses on its impact on the environment and community. We act as citizens of the world, caring for our resources, minimizing waste, maintaining cognizance about spending and taking care to reuse, recycle and locally source supplies.

  • Citizenship - WLC matters in the community and, because of this, we practice active citizenship locally through economic participation, volunteering, and contributing in such ways that improve community life. By acknowledging that profitability is necessary for future school success, WLC uses the self-sustaining school business model. This model keeps us connected to the community and safeguards against total reliance on families for economic success.

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