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Classroom and Substitute Teachers

Wildflower School is growing! We always accept applications from qualified educators. If you would like to join our community, we would love to hear from. Please read further to learn about our hiring process as well as our professional environment. We expect applicant to have reviewed our website and to be familiar with our school's approach. Every applicant is interviewed by the Owner and Assistant Director. Applicants also attend a half-day of class (2 hours) after interviews are complete. You can begin the application process here.

Our school seeks educators who want to teach in a child-directed learning environment and for whom teaching is their career. We hire teachers who are passionate and intellectually curious. Being open to learning new ways of being with children is an important quality for Wildflower teachers. We also see integrity, a desire to work closely with families, love of and respect for children, and the ability to observe and listen mindfully as essential characteristics for our teachers. Please be someone who is self-reflective and willing to collaborate with other teachers, parents, children and the community. A knowledge of child development is essential. A joyful and engaged demeanor is required. Children expect us to show up 100% for them.

Please be aware that we seek to hire career educators rather than teachers who are seeking a teaching position as a temporary job. Our families and students expect that our staff will be committed and will remain at our school long-term. We definitely support educators enhancing their skills, but we do not hire teachers who are available for only a year or less. Please be aware of this prior to submitting your application. Potential teachers are interviewed by both the owner/director as well as a committee of current staff and parents.

Wildflower is a workplace that deeply values its employees, offers opportunities for continued learning and professional development, creates an environment that respects the ideas of adults and allows a space for leadership opportunities and professional growth for all its teachers. 


Some teacher benefits include paid sick days and holidays, paid professional development experiences (including cost of PD, hotel, gas and meal stipend), educator's library (plus a stipend to purchase additional resources) and more. In addition to these benefits, our school offers competitive salaries.


If you think you would like to be a part of our growth, please apply by sending your resume, cover letter, two professional references and salary requirements to

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