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Horticulture: Mini-Orchards, Wildflowers (of course!), Small-Scale Gardening and More!

Belle Vie Farm is planning its mini-orchards, wildflower fields (yes, a wildflower subscription at Wildflower School!), fruit bushes, small-scale gardening and more. We include all these crops in the horticultural side of Belle Vie. On the agricultural side, our animals are the stars of the show: pygora and kiko goats, chickens, bees, guard llamas and we-shall-sees!

Because we have a beautiful forested area on our farm, we are exploring the affordances of the forest: mushrooms, animal pastures, hiking trails and quiet spots for reflection.

Our vision for the Belle Vie Mini Orchard includes blueberry bushes, standard and dwarf fruit trees (apples, figs, persimmon, plum, mulberry) and grape vines (scuppernong).

Some of our crops are fast producing and others will require lots of patience! We look forward to watching this green community thrive!

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