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2023/24 School Year Calendar

August 28-Sept 1              

Wildflower School Teacher Workweek

August 31 (6pm-7:30pm)  

Parent Orientation Evening All Classes

September 1 (9am-11am)

Student Orientation Day

September 4                       

Labor Day (school closed)

September 5                        

First full day of school

September 13 (8:15-9am)      

Family Breakfast

September 29 (8:15-9am)     

Family Breakfast

October 4                             

Teacher Workday – No School

October 14                            

Beeswax Candle Dipping & Potluck (rain date Oct. 21)

October 16 (8-9am)             

Family Breakfast

October 25 (7:00-8:30pm)

Fall Parent SkunkDinner - All Classes

November 2 (8-9am)           

Family Breakfast

November 10                         

Fall SkunkWorks All Classes (school closed)

November 20 (12-2pm)       

Family Potluck (Monday)

November 22-24                   

Thanksgiving Break (school closed Wednesday-Friday)


December 18-January 1

Winter Break

January 2                                

School resumes after Winter Break (Tuesday)

January 12 (8-9am)               

Family Breakfast

January 20 (6:00-7:30pm)  

Winter Parent SkunkDinner - All Classes

January 26 (8-9am)               

Family Breakfast

February 9                                

Teacher Workday – No School

February 23 (8-9am)              

Family Breakfast

April 1-5                                     

Spring Break – No School

April 11 (7:00pm)          

Staff Night Out

April 29                                      

Spring SkunkWorks - All Classes (school closed)

June 7                                        

 Last Day of School

June 10-August 16                    

Belle Vie Farm Summer Camp

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