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Our Goats: Kikos and Pygoras

In 2017, Wildflower purchased two goats (wethers) from a small farm near Fayetteville. We named these fellows King Arthur and Toast and they have been an integral part of the day at Wildflower School since their first day home. Because this was our first taste of farm animal ownership, I was utterly amazed at the relationship these goats developed with the children and teachers. On April 25, 2018, King Arthur and Toast died in the fire that consumed our temporary school location. These two friends will always be in our hearts and will be a reminder of the love that happens between humans and animals!

We knew we wanted more goats! That's when Shelley discovered pygora goats! Pygoras are a mix between pygmy and angora goats. They are both dairy and fiber goats. And...Shelley spins fiber! We couldn't ask for more. Mountain Meadow Farm in Asheville, we discovered, is the closest source for pygora does near Chapel Hill. Because our plan is to breed pygoras within the next two years, we specifically requested two does and one wether...and here they are below! Introducing Guinevere (in honor of our beloved King Arthur), Ebenezer and Wildflower!

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